Be Unique Drama School was founded and is directed by Martina McAfee, who graduated with a BA Honours in Drama at Queen's University Belfast. Martina is extremely passionate about bringing her love of drama to the younger generation, and providing them with opportunities and experiences she feels were lacking in the Arts sector during her own childhood. Having worked and trained alongside some of the best drama facilitators in Northern Ireland, Martina feels very lucky to be in the position to share this knowledge and skill
within the realms of her own company.


What makes Be Unique Drama School so unique is that we aim to help children experience the key role drama can play in their personal development, especially those who have yet to encounter the wonder of drama. We strongly believe that drama can be used in every area of life, building confidence and developing imagination, helping us to aspire to be the very best we can be. Teaching the importance of this to a child at an early age will undoubtedly provide them with a sense of self importance and confidence in their own ideas and opinions. The ultimate aim is that we ensure the child enjoys and learns more about drama, as an art form and gets the opportunity to express themselves as the unique individual that they are. 


Be Unique Drama School strives to provide the children that we meet, whether it be in our weekly classes, at a birthday party, event or in the school workshops, with the belief that we are all very special, in our own unique way. By igniting the children's imagination, promoting their confidence and having lots of fun along the way, Be Unique Drama is an experience which every child can blossom in and enjoy.