Drama classes for 3 -5 years old

The children in our 'Mini Drama' classes enjoy songs, dances, stories and games... one day we could be in our imaginary zoo, the next we could be in outer space! With our drama facilitators transforming into brand new characters every week for the children to meet, our imagination in the Mini Drama class environment is endless!


What we aim to ensure is that your child has a creative outlet to play and have fun in, but at the same time, be widening their little minds on what they know about the world around them... all through drama! 


We talk, learn and listen to one another, moulding important social skills from an early age - all to ensure your child can use what they learn in the drama room anywhere they go! This is a class where they can gain confidence, be creative and make lots of new friends at an early age



Drama classes for 6 - 12 years old

Each of these sessions are full of action packed and fun filled drama games and activities, with the opportunity for the children to create their own plays. We encourage each and every child to develop their imagination through the characters they play and create.


Working by ourselves and as a team, we learn the importance of individual and collective discovery... using drama as a means to answer all the important questions we have about the world around us!

Building confidence with every class, drama can change lives and we know the importance of allowing a child to explore, grow and learn through drama - a place where they are constantly reminded of how our capabilities are limitless and we can do and be whatever we want to be!



Dance classes for 5 - 12 years old

Our Dare 2 Dance classes are the perfect chance for those with previous dance experience or NO dance experience at all, to learn brand new techniques, styles and routines every week.


The classes cover a variety of styles including hip hop, pop, jazz and contemporary to mention a few! Be Unique Dare 2 Dance classes are all about promoting the love of dance, learning new skills and having FUN!


Our Be Unique classes are taught by Martina, Hannah and Warren, who have all choregraphed extensively for outside companies over the last 8 years.




Drama classes for 1- 3 years old with an adult accompanying

These are specifically designed classes which are available to children from the age of 12 months up to 3 years of age. Both parents/guardians and children are invited to come along to the classes and experience drama, music, story telling, songs, puppets and much more!

Mummies, daddies, aunties, uncles, grannies, grandas, child minders - everyone is welcome to bring the child along for a 40 or 30 minute session of dramatic play for the little one in your lives!

Our highly experienced team of facilitators take on different characters in costume each week and teach new original songs with actions (for adult and child to enjoy in equal measure!). We explore a whole world of imagination in a really fun way through stories and rhymes.

Josie is more creative at home since attending Be Unique classes. She is making up new games and encouraging her little sister to play too. It has also helped her build relationships with new adults – she talks about her drama teachers all the time!

Claire, mum of Josie aged 5

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