Access via Zoom

Be Unique: At Home classes are hosted on Zoom -  the world's leading video conferencing platform.

 In order to take part, you will need:

  • an internet connection

  • a laptop, computer, tablet/iPad or phone device 

If you have a phone or tablet, this can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


If you have a PC or laptop, it can be downloaded here


Please note: It would be very helpful if you could enter your child's name rather than yours when setting up your user account.

You will be emailed log-in details to the Be Unique: At Home classes when you secure your payment for your child's classes. This will include a MEETING ID & password, which will enable your child access to our online classes.


 Just like normal classes, it would be great for you to ensure your child is ready to start at the designated time. 

Watch our simple guide below, made by us for you, to make Zoom accesible and easy for your family... (Make sure to view the video in full screen!)

Zoom and your family's security

We have chosen to use Zoom rather than other options for the importance of SECURITY.


  • Unique class links  - upon payment for the 4 week block of classes, you will be sent a MEETING ID & Password link to the class, which you will use each week to log your child on. This confirms only children registered for Be Unique: At Home can avail of and gain access to our online classes.

  • Virtual Waiting Room - all children are admitted by the Be Unique team into a virtual "Waiting Room' meaning that unauthorised participants cannot enter. Please enter your child's name as the Zoom name before or at the start of a class. This will ensure the Be Unique team knows to admit you. 
  • Security commitment  - we have attached this useful information document released by Zoom, which details its policy on security and the security controls available to users.

We are satisfied that Zoom is a robust, accessible and secure platform on which to host our Be Unique: At Home classes.