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Nurseries and Schools

Would your playgroup, nursery or primary school benefit from a series of drama workshops which promote confidence, self esteem and knowing the importance of individuality? Do you feel your pupils would enjoy the fun and creativity of drama as a means of learning more about themselves and one another? 


If the answer is yes, Be Unique Drama School would embrace the opportunity to provide your playgroup, nursery or primary school with a weekly programme which teaches your children to use their imagination, voice and body in both an educational but fun filled way.



We strive to promote an experience for each child which enables them with the skills and capability of being confident in whatever social setting they are placed in. Through the means of drama, story telling, song, dance and games, the children we work with will be taught that we are all unique in our own special way and this is more than enough for us to always be noticed, wherever we go. We all have our own important and unique role to play in our schools, our friendship groups and at home.


Whether your children participate in drama on a regular basis or have never taken part in a drama class before, the weekly drama workshops will cover a range of topics for all abilities. From the importance of characterisation to team work and friendship, using our imaginations in all aspects of our lives and being confident with our voice and body, Be Unique Drama School will enable your children with a new sense of self esteem to make a difference wherever they go. 


Workshops can be provided during the school day to assist in meeting the requirements of the National School curriculum or as an after school club, to enhance the extra curricular experience for the children. Be Unique Drama School will work closely with you to tailor our classes to suit the specific needs, requirements and curriculum of each class.


We also regularly offer Shared Education programmes too, as one-off ice-breaker days OR 6 week programmes.

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