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Be Unique Parties 

At Be Unique we can sing, dance, act and we can also throw a perfect party!

We offer personalised party packages of 60 to 90 minutes, which are tailored to entertain all of your guests.


All of our parties include drama, song, storytelling, dance, games and a lot of fun. Below are examples of parties we have previously led but all can be specifically tailored to your little ones tastes!


  • Budding Actors - Whether it be pretending to be their favourite characters or creating their own stories and plays, this party will allow everyone to have lots of fun through drama and performance.

  • Princes and Princesses  - your party guests will be transformed into princes and princesses, while exploring the Magical Castle!

  • Cowboys and Indians - be transported to the Wild Wild West in an adventure with 'Goodies and Baddies'!

  • Teddy Bear's Picnic - invite your party guests to bring along their favourite teddy bears for a picnic filled with songs, stories and games!

  • Animal Kingdom - the ideal party for all animal lovers! Your child and their guests will be transformed into a range of animals, exploring the jungle and forest of their imagination!

  • Perfect Popstars - a party where everyone will learn choreographed dance routines to your child's favourite songs and have the chance to showcase their talent!

  • Fairy Fever - your party guests will explore the Enchanted Forest of fairies and pixies, meeting all kinds of mystical creatures along the way!

  • Pirate Adventure - search for treasure, scrub the deck, hoist the sails and much much more!


Cost for party package: £8 per guest (minimum fee: £60)

- It may be necessary in some incidences to charge mileage - 


Remember that Be Unique parties aren't just for birthdays. They are great for any celebration including end of school parties, summer parties and family events.


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