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The Halfway Point - Time to Reflect...

And just like that, we’ve completed the first 6 weeks of our 12 week Autumn 2020 term! ✅

We have just finished the last class of Week 6 and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the rollercoaster we’ve experienced. I am delighted to say there has definitely been many more highs than there have been lows ❤️

The return of our classes on the second week of September was a BIG DEAL.

Myself and and my team prepped, learned and trained to enter 12 weeks of high quality drama and dance lessons, in the safest way we could. 

We started off with an almighty bang of

high-energy fun all round and we were taken aback by the children’s respect for us, each other and our classes. Staying in their spots. Sanitising their hands. Keeping their distance. The resilience all our Be Unique children have shown this term is something that personally I will remember most about 2020 ❤️

All of our Be Unique parents have placed such trust in us this term, complying to all our new guidelines and supporting us along the way. Because of this, our classes have been a complete success.

Safe ✅ Educational ✅


We were so glad to be back in the room after being away for so long from our Be Uniquers; new and old children alike, and since then friendships have been formed and rekindled, new skills have been developed and lots of memories have been made. We were back to doing what we LOVE to do 7 days of the week.

The Covid-19 virus however had not gone away and with the restrictions that were announced on Wednesday 14 October, Week 6 of our Autumn term was moved to ‘online only’ classes, facilitated by Zoom. 

At first, this news was a blow to our team - it seemed we had just got back into the swing of things, our children had adapted so well and we were sad to move back online.

However, at the end of Week 6, my opinion is very different. I’m not sad anymore, instead, I feel massively grateful for the week we’ve had here at Be Unique. Connecting with our children together but apart. All done from our own homes, being SAFE. I’m so grateful for technology, and for the facility of Zoom. Endlessly grateful for my amazing team who adapt and carry on - even with just 3 days’ notice before we had to move back to teaching online! 

But mostly, I’m grateful for you, our Be Unique parents. For plugging in the tablet or laptop. For logging on to the Zoom link. For working out how to get the audio and microphone on. For helping us mute and unmute your child when we need to. For taking time out of YOUR day. For your child. For us.

I will never be able to describe how grateful we are, that even when classes can’t take place in person, that we can still check in with our Be Uniquers and have fun, learn and be creative. 

At the time of writing this blog, I’m not 100% sure when Be Unique classes will return to be in person. This will be determined by a number of factors; the latest guidance from the NI Executive, the re-opening of schools, the availability of venues where our classes are held and the levels of infection rate in our local area.

We hope it is sooner rather than later, as we know more than most , the positive impact that learning, social interaction and routine can have a child’s mental health. However, when Be Unique classes open again as normal, we want more than anything for this to be the SAFEST decision on our behalf.

In the meantime, we are in good spirit. This year has shown us to appreciate what you have, in any given moment. Zoom classes are the closest and best thing we have to physical classes and it’s a GREAT substitute. Please trust that we are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure that whatever happens in Week 7, Week 8, Week 9 and the rest of this term, the Be Unique classes are worth the money, time and effort your family put into being a member of Be Unique. We appreciate your support as much as we hope you appreciate our hard work.

I hope you and your family have a FANTASTIC Halloween break. We are now off for a week and we are looking forward to recharging our batteries. I hope you get the chance to unwind too. It’s been an uneasy time for so many of us and taking time to breathe and relax is more important than ever.

We’ll be in touch regarding what format classes will take on Monday 2 November, whether we will be online or in our usual venues. In the meantime , if you haven’t already, please join our Be Unique Family group on Facebook as a hub for you to receive all info you need:

We look forward to kickstarting 6 more weeks of discovery, creative fun and memories in November. 

Thanks everyone, stay safe and take care

Martina x

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